$1000 in a Week on eBay


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Table of Contents:
Chapter One: Getting Started
Chapter Two: Understanding Joint Ventures and eBay Sellers
Chapter Three: Setting up Joint Ventures
Chapter Four: The Joint Venture Process
Chapter Five: Getting Setup
Chapter Six: Proving the List in a Joint Venture
Chapter Seven: Setting up an Opt-in Website
Chapter Eight: Buying a List
$1000 in a Week on eBay
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Chapter One: Getting Started
One of the hardest things to get to grips with when you start out on your
Internet marketing career is that money is quite easy to come by if you put your
mind to it.
As workers we’re told from an early age that we must work for our money and
that hard work equates to financial reward. Rubbish. Complete and utter
How long would it take you to raise a thousand dollars now? I’ve mentioned in
previous books how I’ve seen grown men in tears because they needed a little
extra cash and couldn’t conceive how they would get it. To them an extra
thousand dollars might as well be an extra ten million!
So would you have to work overtime for a month of two? Would you have to
max out your credit card or go cap in hand to the bank?
Listen – a thousand Dollars in small change compared to the money you could
make from Internet Marketing and Joint Ventures. I’m going to show you how
you can bring in over a thousand Dollars time after time in around 2 days –
maybe 2 weeks if you’re starting from absolute scratch and need a little
preparation work.
Please let me explain…….
A little while ago I sent an email to an eBay seller. It was a very informal email.
It started with the word ‘Hiya’
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 5 –
Not very professional I agree, but it was exactly what was required, because the
following 48 hours resulted in me banking $2,500 (well it actually went into my
Paypal account then my bank account a few days later). Unfortunately only half
this money was mine, but still not bad for two days work.
The eBay seller was someone I’d never contacted before. A total stranger except
for the fact that I knew of him because I’d spent some time browsing the
Still I had no doubt that he would reply, even if it was a polite ‘no’.
In reality there was little chance of a ‘no’ really – would you say no to an email
that suggested you could make a lump sum in two days from your own product?
At the very least you’d want to hear more.
(Don’t worry this will all make sense soon.)
So my new EBay seller friend replied and we quickly sorted out a 50-50 split on
a deal and I spent an hour or so writing another email. I also set a few other
things up – a web site, Paypal button and a download page – took another
couple of hours.
(I’ll give you the wording for the second email too.)
Now I wrote the second email out to a list of people I had recently amassed from
eBay. I clicked the ‘send’ button then went upstairs to the kitchen (my home is
over four floors). I poured myself a chilly glass of wine then came back down to
my PC and opened my email software so I could watch the emails that I was now
expecting to come in, in real-time.
Twenty minutes passed and I got a little worried – from past experience there
was usually only ten minutes or so before I saw a result. I wandered away from
the PC to feed the cats. It took about 5 minutes. When I got back to my PC I had
a nice surprise.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 6 –
It’s a screen shot of the first 25 emails I received – they all came in within half
an hour of me pressing my ‘send’ button.
I’ve smudged the email addresses of the people who sent payments for obvious
reasons. The first 25 emails were from people who were actually sitting at their
PC’s when my email arrived. Most people weren’t at their computers when my
emails arrived. Those people checked their inboxes over the next day or so.
Over the next 48 hours the payment emails didn’t stop.
In total, when two days were up, I checked my Paypal account and found I had
made just over £2,530. After deducting Paypal fees I sent half of this to my EBay
seller friend who was incredibly happy to receive it (who wouldn’t be?) and took
a couple of days off to go shopping.
And that’s it.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 7 –
Chapter Two: Understanding Joint Ventures and eBay Sellers
You ask.
I’m going to show you how you can make a lot of money by undertaking JV’
(Joint Ventures) with eBay sellers.
You won’t need to have a product – just a list of people to email to offer the
product to. Or if you do have a product, you can find a good seller to sell it for
Why should they buy it? Because it’ll be a quality product (you’ll have sourced it
from eBay) and you’ll be offering it at a vastly discounted price that they
cannot get anywhere else.
If you’ve ever seen this best selling ebook ‘EBay Auction Income Streams’
www.jobhaters.com advertised you’ll know it sells from most websites and on
eBay for $24.99.
Now imagine if you really wanted the book and you received an email from a
trustworthy eBayer you’d bought from before who offered you this best selling
ebook for just $12.99 you’d jump at the chance and that’s how this system
works. And boy does it work well!
This ebook is going to tell you how to set up your own JV (Joint Venture) with
another person. Don’t worry there’s no need for telephone calls (unless you
want to) it’s all done by email. It’s just a matter of identifying someone with a
list of people to sell to, if you’re a product holder, or someone with a great
product to sell, if you’re a list holder.
Then you just send them a simple email.
I was extremely nervous when I first approached a well-known marketer to ask
if he’d like to undertake a JV with me. I was positive he’d either laugh at me or
blast me for wasting his time.
But ask yourself if you got approached. How would you react? If someone told
you could make a lot of money from your own product and all you had to do was
agree to sell it below market price. You could then watch TV until your payment
of maybe £3000 arrived.
How would you feel?
I would be both flattered and grateful.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 8 –
Of all the JV’s I’ve undertaken – and they make up a substantial part of my
yearly income – I’ve not once been turned down. Never.
And that’s not because of my business reputation. I’ve done JV’s under different
names and through different email addresses when the need has arisen. All this
is perfectly above board by the way, since it all goes into the same PayPal
account for tax via different email addresses. I’ll tell you how to do that later,
too. It helps you sort separate your JV money from any other sales you might
It’s like doing a bungee jump. The first one is the hardest. Unlike a bungee jump
you end up not with wet pants but with a few hundred quid at least in your
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 9 –
Chapter Three: Setting up Joint Ventures
Why would anyone want to do a JV with ME??
A Joint Venture (henceforth called a JV) is just a business undertaking – a deal
where you split the takings. It usually (almost always) comes about when two
people have skills or products that compliment each other.
You probably have more skills than you know but I’m not going to start telling
you to reach down deep inside your soul to find your inner value when what you
really want is a quick grand or so in the bank.
So for now we’ll concentrate on two things. Any one of these two items is
enough for you to make hundreds if not thousands from a JV.
1. A product you already own or have rights to
2. A list of people who may want to buy a product.
Now I realise that not many people reading this will not have their own ebook,
or software. BUT you may well have or be able to get hold of a product to which
you have resale rights. If you can do that then a JV may well work for you as a
product holder.
If you also have a list of people who have bought from you or even better, have a
mailing list then you’re in the best possible position.
I’ll show you how to go about a JV from both angles.
I think the best approach to go is firstly to tell you how my latest JV worked.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 10 –
My latest JV
Now I’ve done JV’s from both angles – as a person with a product and as a
person with a list.
I’m lucky enough to have a product and a list but once I’ve sold my product to
my own list it’s time to start looking around for other buyers – and this is where
I need other sellers (usually eBay sellers). So I can sell to their lists too.
What do the other sellers get out of the deal? Fifty percent. Always.
I’ve heard of different splits but I think if you take on a partner you take on a
partner and egos or tantrums don’t come into it. If I tried to demand 75% as a
PowerSeller or Internet Marketer with a reputation I’d soon end up with no JV
partners at all.
My advice would be to always treat your JV partner as an equal, even if you’ve
far more experience. Even if you think your product is the greatest most in
demand widget ever and you partner only has a list of 50 people. You still go 50-
50 on the deal.
Happy JV partners come back to deal with you time and time again. If you’ve
made them feel small or unimportant they won’t want to repeat the process even
if they’ve made money from it.
Years ago when I was working in a poorly paid factory job and in a bad way
financially I was forced to take on extra work. The new landlord of a local pub
had just opened a children’s play area and wanted to promote the facility by
getting a bouncy castle and face painters etc. for the afternoon. I agreed to work
in a tiny burger van selling food to the families who attended. We worked out a
price for an 8-hour day – $20 cash in hand.
I was broke so agreed to work for the twenty bucks. It was a hot August day and
the heat in the tiny burger van was almost intolerable but it meant I could pay
the gas bill so I stuck at it. Two hours before closing the landlord came to me
and said he had to go out for the rest of the day so would play me now. He thrust
a ten dollar bill into my hand. When I told him we’d agreed $20 he just told me
he knew I needed the money so take it or leave it.
I felt humiliated and angry. He left and I spent the rest of the day giving away
free food to the whole of the pub, especially the lads who turned up to watch the
football. The landlord must have lost hundreds in missed takings.
I still bad-mouth the pub whenever I get the chance! He must have lost the ten
Dollars he short-changed me with a thousand times over, and if I’ve anything to
do with it, he’ll lose twice as much again!
The old saying that you should be nice to people on the way up because you’ll
meet them again on the way down has a habit of becoming true.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 11 –
So going back to my latest JV. I had no product to sell so I had a quick look
around EBay.
I start by looking at PowerSellers who sell their own product. It’s no good me
offering ‘David Blaine’s Magic Secrets’ because most people already own it, and
those that don’t can buy it on eBay for under a Dollar.
So I need someone who either has control of, or has written their own ebook or
software. By control of, I mean legal rights to resell the product. If you’re the
one supplying the list don’t be afraid of asking for proof that they actually have
the rights they claim, or you could both get into real trouble. Anyone legit won’t
be offended. It shows your professionalism and protects both of you.
Back on eBay I settle down with a cup of coffee and start going through the
listings in the categories that interest me.
I actually found the seller whose product I thought best suited my list within 10
minutes, but I carried on looking and found two more eBay sellers who had
suitable products. I didn’t contact them, but jotted their details down for future
reference. They’ll make up part of my income for the future.
The product I found was similar enough to my own products to be of interest to
my list but different enough so it wasn’t it direct competition with my own. I
have sold totally different products that have worked incredibly well. You’ll get a
‘feel for what your list will go for after a while.
When you’re looking for a product it’s important that you offer it to your list at a
significantly lower price than it sells for on eBay. OR choose a product that
can’t be found anywhere else than directly from you. The latter only really
applies if it’s your product.
The product I’d found for this particular JV sold for $25 on eBay. I estimated
the seller was earning around S200 a week from his product. It was selling quite
well but not enough for him to turn down any extra income.
I sent him an email.
Quick note: I deal in ebooks but you could just as easily do a JV with someone
who has access to DVD’s, Playstation games, jewellery, books or kitchen
Just as I always keep an ’ideas’ book, I also keep hold of details of what else is
selling oneBbay and who is selling it. Unless you’ve got a great memory, trust
me, you’ll forget. It’s surprising when you’re trying to put a new venture or
product together how much your ‘ideas’ and eBay products book can spur you
on to fabulous a money making idea.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 12 –
Hiya ******
I noticed your product *********** on eBay and wondered if you’d like to make
some extra money from it.
I have a mailing list of people I’m sure would be interested in your product if we
could offer it to them at the right price. If all goes to plan it should take about
two days to get the money into your Paypal account.
Drop me an email if you’re at all interested.
Your Name
The next day I received an email asking for more details. I offered a 50-50 split
and we agreed that his product should be offered for $12.99 to one of my lists.
Very rarely you’ll try to deal with a JV partner who won’t offer his product at a
lower price. All he can see is lost profit. In reality he’s actually gaining because
he’s getting paid for sales he otherwise wouldn’t be making.
If he still refuses to drop the price, forget the JV. You must offer great deals to
your list or they won’t stick with you.
So my new JV partner had the product, which he’d agreed to sell at half the
price, and I had the list of potential buyers.
The list in question was one I’d populated by offering a free ebook. All they had
to do to obtain was to agree to receive very occasional offers from me then enter
their email address. In short it was an opt-in list. The names on the list had all
opted to be contacted by me for at least one future offer. They could unsubscribe
at any time. I’ll show you how to set up a page like this later.
I had used eBay as part of the publicity for my free ebook and got about 600
names in about two or three weeks. It sounds a lot, but when I tell you that some
of the big boys in Internet marketing won’t send out an offer to a list with less
than 10,000 names it puts it into perspective. Although with a list of this size
they’re allowing for a poor sales rate. I’ve successfully mailed a list of just 100
people in the past; so don’t worry about size too much.
I think that if you offer a genuinely great offer at a price that can’t be found
anywhere else then you’re looking at a 1 in 3 or even better sales rate. The
‘experts’ will disagree with me but the proof is in the pudding and I’ve had sales
rates of 70% and above!
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 13 –
The JV in this example fits the above criteria so I think we’re onto a winner. I
tell this to my new JV partner to reassure him about selling his product for less
than he normally would.
Incidentally if you’re wondering why he agreed to sell his $25 product for half
price then the answer is simply this. Firstly it’s an e-product so it costs him
nothing to send out or copy. Secondly he’s not losing half his profit – he’s
getting 50% of $12.99 for each sale that he wouldn’t have had if he hadn’t agreed
to the JV with me. Thirdly I told him he’d probably make a couple of thousand
quid in a matter of days.
(The split was 50% each after any PayPal fees had been taken out). So for each
sale I get roughly $6 and my JV partner gets roughly $6. The rest goes on
PayPal fees.
So what happens is once the JV is over I total up the takings, deduct any fees
that are left and send him half. Most fees are deducted before the money hits my
Paypal account but there are always the currency conversions plus any dodgy
credit cards to be deducted.
The email I send to my list read:
I’m emailing you because you kindly opted-in to one of my mailing lists asking
to receive details of any special offers I might have.
I am currently working with ********, producer of ********. This amazing
product sells for $25 on eBay but I am able to offer it to you for just $12.99
If this offer is of interest to you, you can find out more details at
If you would like to unsubscribe from this list, just click on the link below.
If you’re the one providing the list to the JV, then YOU must be the one to email it.
There are two reasons for this. If you just hand your list over to your JV partner to
email, he is in effect spamming your list – they don’t have any relationship with him
whereas they do with you. The other reason is that you would be handing over to
him all your hard-earned email addresses, and he could use them himself.
Remember ‘the gold is in the list’ and you could move on to a new JV partner, a
new product and another thousand dollars or so the day after! Look after your list!
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 14 –
The website is one I’ve specially set up from where my list can buy the product
at $12.99. I put on a PayPal button that I’ll remove when the offer is over, and
I’ll also shut down the site.
I could just as easily directed them to my JV partner’s own website where he
could have changed the price from $25 to $12.99, but then he would have lost
any $25 sales that would have come from his own marketing so he preferred me
to do it.
So now we’ve come to the point where this ebook started.
I pressed ‘send’ and went to get some wine. Over the next two days we sold
about 200 copies of his product bringing us a profit of over $2,500.
Once sales had tailed off I did as above. Shut down the site and sent him half the
money. I also sent him a screenshot of my Paypal account showing the number
of sales that had come in along with a record of the stats from a counter I’d put
on the page. I didn’t have to because the whole thing has to be a trustworthy
venture or it wouldn’t work, but I prefer to undertake my JV’s in this way. You’ll
understand this if you’re the person being sent the lump sum after the JV.
So that’s it – $1200 for two days work. I didn’t sell a single product, and I have a
happy JV partner who will be delighted to work with me again.
There are easier ways to do a JV than setting up websites though.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 15 –
Chapter Four: The Joint Venture Process
Here’s an overview. I don’t like flowcharts but this one helps me when I’m
putting together my own JV mailings:
How to undertake a successful JV with little or no experience
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 16 –
First of all you need to decide which side of the JV you are on. Are you the
person who will provide the product or the list?
Providing the product
Quickly recapping – if you have your own product (that you created or own sole
rights to) or you have resell rights to a product that isn’t readily available
elsewhere (if it is it won’t sell) then you can look at a JV from the point of view
of the product provider.
Browse eBay and look for a seller. A PowerSeller will probably have a very good
mailing list and be open to undertaking JV’s. Anyone who sells quite a few items
per day or week is also a good bet. If you’re not sure, ask.
You will probably come across quite a few eBay sellers who don’t know what
you’re talking about when you mention ‘Joint Ventures’. eBay has more than it’s
fair share of people who sell from home and got lucky, but never look any
further than eBay.
The notion of a JV to these people may seem odd. My advice would be to point
them towards this ebook (sales for me!) or spend time explaining in more
details what they’ll get out of it. Don’t focus too much on the actual JV, just on
the fact that they could be $1000 richer by Monday morning.
When you’re looking for a seller, also bear in mind that a similar product to the
one you’re selling would probably be a good idea as long as it’s not directly
competing. Check his feedback rating too – it’s a reflection of how he runs his
When you’ve found a seller you like the look of (as far as you can tell from his
Auction and About Me pages) you need to make the initial approach.
All it takes is a simple email.
I’m often asked when is the best time to send an email to your list. For
along time I thought that early Saturday evening was the best time, and
wouldn’t fluctuate from that time. The thinking behind it was that people
have more time to read emails than on a weekday. The last JV I did went
out on a Wednesday and the results were just as good. My opinion now is
just to send the email out when it’s convenient for you.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 17 –
As a reputable eBay seller I wondered if you’d like to join me in a venture that
should bring you a lump sum in about 2 days. I’m about to launch a product and
wondered if you’d like to offer it to your list on a 50-50 basis?
If you’re interested drop me an email and we’ll go through the detail.
It’s best not to try to sell the whole project in a first email. If they’re interested –
and they usually are – they’ll get back to you and you can send a follow up email
about price and the logistics of the venture.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 18 –
Chapter Five: Getting Setup
You will obviously need a PayPal account but these are easily set up. If you use
eBay you’ll probably have one already.
The best way to sell your product is to set up a temporary website (with a PayPal
button) that you can direct your customers to. Geocities is an option for this.
You can use the website to take payments for two days then take it off the net.
Instructions for doing the above can be found at www.geocities.com (you’ll have
to sign up for a free Yahoo account first) and www.paypal.com (go to Merchant
Tools on the top menu then the website buttons tutorial) both are free.
Once this is set up you can draft an email to your customers (like the one
mentioned earlier) directing them to the website. Your JV partner then sends
the email that you composed out to his list (as though it came from him), and
you wait for payments. You must agree before the venture starts who sets up the
website and delivers the product, and who sends the emails. The person who
owns the list must send the emails. This is because of spam issues mentioned
earlier. Otherwise he would have to send his list to his partner, and that could
lead to list theft.
It’s not until you’ve actually undertaken a JV that you’ll realize how incredibly
powerful and lucrative these deals are. I can think of no better way to bring in a
nice cash boost in a very short amount of time.
Now there has to be an amount of trust in these ventures. There’s no getting
around the fact that one of you has to take the payments. There might be a way
of splitting each Payment 50-50 as it comes in – probably using Clickbank
(www.clickbank.com) or some other payment service. If anyone knows how to
do this on Paypal please let me know!
In any case this will probably cost and the whole point about JV’s in my view is
that they’re easy to set up and can be over and done with in a couple of days,
cash in your bank and a smile on your face!
I will say that I’ve never had a problem with a JV either when I’ve been the one
taking the money or my JV partner has been the one taking the money. Just
split everything 50-50 at the end of the venture and there’ll be no problem.
Success is based on honesty (unless you’re a politician).
I take a screenshot of my PayPal account (download ScreenPrint32 from
www.download.com – it’s a great free utility) and send it to my JV partner as
proof of earnings.
Earnings from each individual JV you undertake can be easily separated from
each other by firstly adding an email address to your PayPal account (PayPal
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 19 –
main screen – Profile – Account information – Email – Add) then accepting
payments to this email address only from the PayPal button you use in your JV.
Once the JV is over you can see all the payments that have been received to that
email address by going to (PayPal main screen – History – Payments received to
– your new email address)
It’s not necessary but it’s a nice touch. I also set up a counter on my website to
show how many people have accessed the download page. This isn’t totally
accurate as many people download more than once if the download is
interrupted or occasionally pass on the download link to a friend to get the
product without paying. This is rare though and a counter does give a
reasonable idea of how much money has been taken.
You can set up a free counter by going to www.statcounter.com
It’s invisible to your customers and you can share login details to the statcounter
website with your JV partner so he can see for himself how many download
page accesses there have been. That way he’ll have a rough idea of how much
money to expect.
Once the payments have come in, total it up, deduct any fees then send your JV
partner half. If you’re declaring your income to the tax people then get a receipt
from your JV partner for the money you send. Otherwise when you do your
yearly accounts it’ll look like you earned £2,500 in two days rather than half
that amount and you’ll have to pay tax on it.
If you don’t want to set up a website to sell the product you can ask (in your first
email) your list to email you for further details of your product if they’re
Then send them more details of the product and your email address to pay you
directly by Paypal (they’ll use the ‘send money’ option from their account). Once
you’ve received the payment you can email them the book as an attachment.
I wouldn’t recommend this option purely because it’s a lot of work, but if you
really can’t get your head around putting together a simple website then it’s an
A better option is to ask your JV partner to do it. Even better put some work in
and use the geocities tutorial. It’s free and once you’ve learned how it works
you’ll have the skills to put a website together each time you do a JV.
Failing that you could use the member’s free space that comes with your ISP
(AOL or Freeserve or whichever). Again they’ll provide you with a tutorial.
Invest in yourself – learn how to put together a free website.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 20 –
Finally there is a company called http://www.master-resale-rights.com that I
use on a daily basis, they sell ebooks, software and other downloads for as little
as $0.01. At that price you can’t go wrong! They’re collection is fantastic.
All you do is pickup some Private Label Rights products, re-label them with your
own name, and sell them for whatever price that you want. You get to keep
100% of everything that you make, no JV Partners to share with. You can then
be the JV initiator and get people to sell your products.
Look after your JV partner! Make sure they receive their 50% promptly and in
full. In that way they’ll be more than happy to work with you again. Remember
they’ve just received over a thousand Dollars for what amounts to sending an
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 21 –
Chapter Six: Proving the List in a Joint Venture
This is probably the most applicable scenario for those of you reading this
ebook. You have no list and no product but you want to earn money from a JV.
Fine. Here’s how to do it.
Go through your email address book and see how many contacts you already
have that you can send offers to. This will basically be anyone you’ve already
sold to oneBBay. This means there is an existing business relationship there.
It might take a couple of weeks to build up a list if you’ve not already got one but
as the Internet ‘gurus’ say ‘The gold is in the list’ and once you’ve got it treat it
like a valuable asset (because it is) and it’ll provide you with an income if you
play it well.
It’s a good value, quality ebook that originally sold for $19.99 that is now
available for free. All I ask in return is that you join my mailing list by giving me
your email address. You can unsubscribe at any item from the list but my hope
is that once you see the offers I mail to you, you’ll stay with it.
Now the better quality the product the more people will subscribe to your list.
It’s worth buying a good quality ebook or software package (that you are
allowed to give away and not just sell) to maximise your list. Obviously there
are a lot of freebies out there. A good idea is to bundle a large, good value
collection together and give it away to anyone who opts in to your list.
Check the license page first to see if you’re allowed to give it away as well as sell
it. If not you’ll get into trouble.
Using EBay to build a list
eBay rules and regulations are a little hazy on this subject but I’ve never had any
trouble personally. It all comes down to their ‘links’ policy.
Basically the eBay ‘links’ policy has recently changed. You cannot now link to
any other website other than your home page and then ONLY if it ONLY
contains a further description of the item you’re selling on eBay.
So it seems you can’t link to your webpage if it has an option to download the
ebook you’re selling on eBay for FREE in return for joining a mailing list. Shame
because this is the ideal scenario.
BUT a lot of people do this on eBay with no problem. Obviously this is a
personal choice that I can’t comment on. I will just say that I did this for quite a
while before I realised it was against the rules. eBay didn’t contact me and I
collected an awful lot of happy subscribers.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 22 –
But You CAN link to your About Me page, and from there you can link to your
home page. This is what the regulations say about it:
What links may I have on my About Me page?
The About Me policy will allow users to link to your own web store. However,
you may not directly offer any non-eBay merchandise on the About Me page
I’ve highlighted the parts that interest us.
So the way I read it, from your ‘About Me’ page you can link to your own web
page. And on your own webpage you can offer a FREE ebook in return for
signing up to your mailing list.
You can also link to your About Me page from your eBay Auction. This in effect
means you can link your opt-in page on your website.
Read that again slowly until you’ve understood it. It took me a while!
There’s another way to do it.
(I recently found this at the bottom of an eBay auction:)
Terms of Sale
I feel everyone should have this information for FREE but because eBay
does not allow to list items for free I have no choice but to list it for
0.99p however if you “ask me question about this item” then I am sure I
can sort some thing out for you.
Now I can’t find anything in eBay rules and regulations that say the above isn’t
allowed. Obviously this seller is offering this info for free to build his list.
Here’s how he does it.
So when someone views his site and likes the look of his info (the ebook package
he’s selling) they click on the ‘ask seller a question’ button and he sends them
either the ebook as an attachment or details of which website they can download
it from.
Of course they must agree to join his opt-in list to get the info but very few
people have a problem with this. Unless you’re emailing them every day (and
not even then even then if it’s a good offer) they’re unlikely to complain.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 23 –
If you really want to stay on the right side of eBay you’ll have to pay some fees,
but they’ll be very small.
I sometimes put together a large package of top-quality info that I’ve bought
cheaply or scoured the net for (for free) and then sold a small e-report for £1 on
EBay giving information as to where my customer could download the large
package from my website.
They buy the e-report and of course it gives them details of where to access my
web page to download the large package.
As a buyer their email address then goes onto my list.
The other way is just to offer the package from eBay.
I list the auction as a ‘BUY NOW’ type with 100 or more ‘available’. If I’m
offering a good package for £1 it’s not unusual for 80 or 90 to sell over a ten-day
period. If you list four or five auctions you’re taking a lot of names.
The main thing is to get those email addresses added to your list. You could
easily take 500 names in 2 weeks. Sounds a lot? Look in your address book
now. How many of those could you legitimately add to your list (without
When you buy a new PC from PC World or a new pram or Digital Radio don’t
you get emails following up the sale and offering their latest deals? Amazon and
EBAY do this a lot. Why can’t we?
In case you’re worried it seems (and again the law IS hazy) that if you have a
pre-existing business relationship (i.e. they’ve bought off you in the past or have
opted in to your list) then it seems you’re NOT spamming. Of course the
ultimate responsibility lies with you.
Here’s where you can see what Microsoft says about the matter:
It seems that if you keep your customers happy and they know who you are
when you email them, then you’re less likely to fall foul of any spamming laws.
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 24 –
The rewards speak for themselves:
The payments above arrived in the first half hour. 30 minutes!
Selling a package you’ve bought at $10 for $1 will get you a lot of names. It’s well
worth the outlay to offer the kind of quality that will have people happy to opt
onto your list
So will giving away a free ebook package that directs them to opt in to get
MORE on your website.
But how do I set up an opt-in website?
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 25 –
Chapter Seven: Setting up an Opt-in Website
Opt-in websites are web sites or single pages that ask the visitor if they would
like to sign up to a mailing list, usually in return for a free product or offer.
Because the visitor has to ‘opt’ to join the list rather than automatically being
added, the end result is called an opt-in list.
Most people really don’t mind being part of a mailing list. Especially if they’re
getting something of real value either for joining, or in the form of ongoing
special offers after they’ve joined.
So how do you put together an opt-in page with free offer so you can collect
email addresses?
Opt-in sites go from the simple and effective to the bells ringing, lights flashing
ridiculously complex.
This is how I do it. Below is a screenshot for the US version of ‘The Bargain
Hunter’s Course’. You’ll see that at the very top of the page I offer the free digital
camera book (feel free to download it) and a clickable link to the opt-in page
Once they click on the link to get the free book they’re taken to a page that
explains what the book contains and how it’s great value for a freebie (which it
is). Below that at the bottom of the page is a simple opt-in option.
This is it:
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 26 –
That’s it. It’s clumsy and awkward. Compare it something like this:
The website above offered me no less than TWO options to add my email
address to their mailing list. The main page (in white appeared) then the blue
pop-up box slid in quietly from the side!
This is much more professional than my site, and I have a great deal of respect
for the owner of this site – he offers a fantastic product and his is one of the few
mailing lists I subscribe to because of the excellent content.
BUT it’s not an approach that works for me. I deliberately keep my opt-in page
simple and with almost a ‘home made’ feel. I do this (after a lot of market
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 27 –
research) because people then don’t feel like they’re signing up to a big mailing
list! One customer said
‘I felt like I was emailing a mate for a book I wanted’
Both approaches are fine. Mine works for me.
So how do I know that they’ll enter the correct email address and not someone
else’s just to get the book?
It’s easy – set up an auto responder that sends an email with download
instructions automatically to the email address they entered. If they enter a false
email address they don’t get the book.
This is the email you’ll receive if you send for my free ebook:
It tells the email address owner that his/her email has been used to try to obtain
a free ebook. It gives them an address to report this to if it’s a false one. If it’s a
genuine email it tells the new subscriber (now I can add their address to my list)
where to download the free book.
I also get manage to pop a free ad on the bottom!
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 28 –
You can get a free auto responder from
http://www.getresponse.com/orderfree.html or from doing a Google search for
‘free auto responder’.
Again you don’t have to have a webpage they can download the free book from,
you could use the free ebook share service I have mentioned in this book or you
could just email them the free book as an attachment.
Using free giveaways is the best way of building your list in my opinion, but use
every chance you get to boost your mailing list.
You could put a link at the bottom of all your emails such as:
If you put this attachment on every valid email you send, it’s not classed as spam
and you’d be surprised at how many people will join your list.
There are other subjects I’d like to cover:
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 29 –
Chapter Eight: Buying a List
Some people buy email lists.
I’ve never done this but it’s possibly a short-term solution for you. If it interests
you, have a look at the following site to start with:
Sending out Emails in Bulk
This can be a problem. I have my own hosting provider and they whinge about
the sending of bulk emails (I’m talking over a few hundred only!).
When I first started I sent them through my own email account at AOL. Halfway
through the mailing AOL shut down my account and only re-instated it only
after a lot of hassle! Even then it didn’t work properly for a month.
My own hosting provider is better, but I still have to be wary about how many
emails I send out in a 24-hour period. For a long time I couldn’t find a way
around this but I’ve recently signed up with a company that has completely
solved all my JV and mailing list problems.
I can do unlimited mailings, automatically follow-up emails at periods that I
allocate, ( further emails result in better sales), can put opt-in list forms on my
website that are automatically added to my list and customise my emails so they
address the customer by name.
It costs me $19 a month, and if you’re interested you can test-drive the system
(to see if you like it) through this link
The biggest blunder I made with my first mailing years ago still makes me
cringe. I wrote my email then put all the email addresses into the ‘To’ field of
the email. I didn’t realise that meant that every single person I mailed to could
see the whole of mailing list. Of course a number of people abused this and remailed
my list. I got accused of selling names and spamming and it took a long
time to sort it all out.
Put your own email address into the ‘To’ field. This means that you’re not giving
out anyone else’s address and it has the added benefit of actually checking that
the email is being sent.
Put all the other email addresses (i.e. your list) into the ‘BCC or Blind Carbon
Copy’ field. This means that the people receiving the email can’t see who you’ve
sent it to. Simple but it caught me out!
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 30 –
So that’s it. I’ve introduced you to one of the most lucrative undertakings in the
whole of Internet Marketing.
If you’ve never come across this methods before you must try it. If you have
come across this method before but not tried it you must try it.
It will change the way you think about money – I guarantee it.
Why? Because undertaking a JV mailing opens the window just on Internet
Marketing just a tiny crack. But it’s enough to show you in breathtaking style
just how much money is out there to be made.
Doing a little preparation work and pressing a ‘send’ button can bring in
thousands of Dollars in a matter of hours.
More importantly it destroys in seconds all the rubbish we’re spoon-fed from
birth about having to work hard for money. Instead it teaches us we can work
There are people in the Internet Marketing world who don’t do anything else.
They spend a few months preparing a product. Their whole way or working is
geared up to collecting email addresses and building opt-in lists. So when the
preparation work is done they launch their product to their list (which might
contain 200,000 addresses).
Within 48 hours they have made in excess of a Million Dollars. They don’t
bother setting up websites or selling on EBay, they just quietly start work on
their latest product and adding more addresses to their lists.
It’s all in the numbers. If I could email one million interested people (without
spamming!) with my latest offer today I would be a multi-millionaire by
tomorrow morning. By tomorrow morning!
My list contains around 3000 people. I have websites and sell on EBay so I don’t
build my list as well as I should. Actually that’s my new year’s resolution for
Just think of this. If I could build up my list and sell my product for just $16.99
to 15,000 people (only 5 times the size of my list – I could have a list this size in
a matter of months) – I would make over a quarter of a million Dollars in a
couple of days.
If you concentrate solely on mailing list JV’s with either good eBay sellers with a
good list or good eBay sellers with a good product you could make a lot of
money. One JV per month (taking just 2 days) could easily bring you £1000 a
month from a small list. If you built your list steadily day by day and at the same
$1000 in a Week on eBay
– 31 –
time worked with more and more sellers you could easily bring in $5000, which
would increase every month as your list grows. Then there are the foreign eBay
sites. UK/USA JV’s are extremely lucrative. A product that sells well in the USA
might be unheard of in the UK. Offer it to your list and watch what happens!
This is THE business I wish I’d tried years ago. I might be working from a
Georgian mansion rather than a (admittedly very nice) Yorkshire cottage.
I can’t urge you enough to not just put this book down. TRY IT – you’ll be
amazed at the results.
Just think again about your job. How long would it take you to earn a thousand
Dollars on top of your current salary?
A big bonus?
A lot of overtime?
Or some well-invested time, working from home, in 24 – 72 hours?
Start building your list now.
It’s another weapon in your arsenal against the JOB trap. It’s easier to work for
yourself from home than it is to work at a JOB. There are two hard parts to
making the leap:
1. One of my favourite quotes ‘Never let yourself get into the position where
you’re too busy earning a living to make any real money’ – That’s exactly
what a JOB does to you.
2. Proving to yourself that you actually can make money from home. The first
£100 is the hardest, but it proves it can be done. Hopefully this book will sort
out this second problem for you.
The first is up to you.
Good luck.

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