Shutterstock is an American stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools.

It contains thousands of images categories into vector, illustrations and even contains video footages and music.

Shutterstock has a huge collection and all their images are top quality.

You cannot pick and choose which one is good or bad.

It totally depends on your requirement and your article style.

So go ahead and think about the structure first and then see which image will complement your article.

How do I sign up to become a Shutterstock contributor?




To register, you’ll need to provide some basic personal information, and a scanned copy of a passport or other government issued identification.

This is the site made specifically for our contributors, our customers use shutterstock.com.

You are welcome to create a free browse account on our customer site as well, but you can submit content only through your contributor account on submit.shutterstock.com.


STEP 1: Provide Basic Information

  • On the first page, enter your full name, display name, and email address.

  • the full name should match what is on your passport or another government-issued identification document.

  •  a display name is what customers will see. Your e-mail address is where we will contact you.

  • User-added image.

  • When you press “Next”, we will send you an email to verify that the email address you provided is valid.

  • Follow the instructions in the email.


    STEP 2: Add your address

  • Enter your residential address and your mailing address, if it is different.

  • TheAddressess information should be entered in English only.

    STEP 3: Add your identification.

  •  they will verify your identity so they can protect your intellectual property and to speed up the payment process. For more information about what they can accept as proof of identity please check out

    What types of personal identification can I send to verify my account?

  •  User-added image

  •  It will take 1 to 3 business days for them to review your identification documents. In the meantime, you can explore your account homepage, and start uploading images or videos!

    Submit your first set of content

  • To become an active Shutterstock contributor, you will initially need to submit up to 10 of your best photos, jpeg or eps illustrations or up to 10 video clips for your first submission.

  • We can accept any combination of image files (photos, rasters or vector files) or we can accept up to 10 video clips.

  • We cannot accept a mix of images and video clips for the first submission.

  • The content you submit will be reviewed by our expert team of reviewers.

  • When your first piece of content is approved, your account becomes fully active and you can submit any type of files without limitation.

  • Please keep in mind that you may only upload work that is owned or fully controlled by you. Your content will not appear on the Shutterstock marketplace until your identification document has also been approved.


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