One of the biggest reasons blogs are so good, is because Google and other search engines love them.

They love them so much that they rank and crawl blogs daily.

This gives you the opportunity to get in front of potentially hundreds and thousands of new visitors daily.

Another very good reason to create a blog is that you can get one created in a matter of minutes. There no waiting around.

Gone are the days of hiring expensive web developers to design and create a website for you.

Now with the power of WordPress blogs, you can do it all yourself and save a lot of money in the process.

Blogs are so cheap to get started and run, that you can get one started with just a few dollars a month, I’ll show you how to do this is a minute.

WordPress blogs are content management systems (CMS) which mean the focus is on allowing the owner to create content easily.

So you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript or any programming languages, all you need to know is how to compose an email to enable you to create your website.

WordPress is a free professional publishing platform. It is an easy to use, fast and flexible blog. It comes with a great set of features, designed to make your experience as a publisher as pleasant as possible. With WordPress, you can easily.WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms that allows you to make simple blogging pages. There are several reasons when learning how to make a Blog on WordPress 2017 due to which people prefer to use WordPress over other blogging platforms. As WordPress is in this field for quite a while now it has evolved itself a lot.

It has turned itself into a content management system. It has proved to be one of the most successful blogging platforms because of its robust features that show people how to make a blog on WordPress 2017. WordPress customers simply love WordPress and this can be seen by the overwhelming success of it. It has been found out that 22.5% of the websites when learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Before making a blog you first need to decide what your blog is going to talk about. Then you need to make sure that you can gather useful content for how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 and it as well. Then you need to start off following the below-mentioned steps.


You need to follow the following steps to make a good blog.

  1. Identify a Domain Name:  Domain name is an entry gateway for your business. No need to worry that It should match your registered business name. There are so many popular businesses runs in a different domain name rather than their registered business name. Search for the domain name availability and pick a domain name.  It’s recommended not to fall in for the expensive domain sellers. As you are starting up, It’s appropriate to send a good amount of time to find out a meaningful domain name. 

  2. Hosting: Usually domain registrars offer to host as well. It makes your task easy if you choose to host with the same provider. Else, you will have to point your Domain Naming Servers to the different Hosting Provider.

  3. Install WordPress:  WordPress is free and easy to install. Most C Panel offers a One-click WP installation and you shall just click and Install the software. You will have to offer root username and password and make sure that you keep it safe. Also, It’s advisable not to use regular passwords as there are recent attacks happening in WP websites.

  4. Theme: Benefit of WP is that offers the bunch of themes.  You shall either choose a free theme offered or you can buy premium themes. There are many sites available that let you purchase or download a free theme.  You will have to make sure the theme resembles your business rather picking something is rich.

  5. Customize It: Customization matters when it comes to WordPress.  It offers various plugins such as social media integration; email marketing, SMS gateway, e-commerce, subscription plugin in and so on. You will have to choose the required plugin based on your need. Also, it’s advisable to choose from the reliable plugin provider and most importantly read the reviews.

  6. Blog Post: You are all set. Just log in and write the First Blog. Blogs are important for search engine optimization and regular blogging will bring in visitors.  It would be good if you write blogs that resonate your business tone, offerings, special discounts and what’s the current trend. It will be more interesting for your readers to read and make an action.

    all the best….


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